1st-3rd Grades

AbekaReading (K-1)
Handwriting and Cursive

Primary phonics workbooks and readers

Scott ForesmanReading (2-3)
McGraw Hill Social Studies/Historical Figures

Religion is taught by the teacher, scripture memory verses are taught with music each week.

Band, Choir, and Art

Accelerated Reading and Math
Moby Max
ABC Mouse

Current Class

Mrs. Hopper is the full-time teacher with two part-time aides who help her. She has less than 10 students in grades K-3 and this allows her to give each child the attention they require to flourish. Her classroom is like a traditional one-room schoolhouse. Due to our individualized instruction, many students progress beyond grade level expectations. Students love how she teaches her Bible memory verses to music which helps them remember God’s Word. Students that have had her for several years have had the opportunity to develop a relationship with a very inspiring teacher who consistently challenges her students to excel academically and spiritually.

4th-8th Grades

AbekaMath (4-5)
SaxonMath (6-8)
Scott ForesmanReading/Writing/Phonics (4-6)
Prentice HallLiterature/Writing (7-8)
ConcordiaScience (4-5) Science Discovery
Prentice HallScience (6-8) Earth Science, Life Science, Physical Science
Harcourt/McGrawHill History (4-5)
AGSHistory (6-8) World History
Pearson/Prentice HallAmerican History, Civics and Economics

Religion is taught by Pastor and includes memory verses and catechism homework

Band, Choir, and Art

Tulare Poetry and Prose competition

TechnologyChromebooks 1 per student
Accelerated Reading and Math
Moby Max
Typing Club

Current Class

Mr. Ruckman is the full-time teacher, instructing all subjects except for Math. He has 15 students in grades 4-8 and this allows him to give each child the attention they require to flourish. Due to our individualized instruction many students progress beyond grade level expectations. Students in his class love how he incorporates technology into his lessons and makes students feel welcome with his humor and engaging personality. By the time students are in his class they are creative problem solvers and are able to work independently as well as in smaller groups to achieve their academic goals. Mr. Ruckman challenges his students with a rigorous curriculum, which will prepare them for High School and beyond.